Nintendo has been pushing aggressively into monetizing their beloved IP, branching out into movies, merchandising, and more. But their latest partnership with Build-A-Bear may have been a step too far.

The Super Mario Build-A-Bear lineup seemed like a no-brainer, Nintendo's most recognizable and beloved characters and overpriced plushies. Sure, maybe dressing and undressing Mario is a bit weird. A bit uncomfortable. But little girls have been undressing Barbie for years, and that hasn't caused any problems for them, right?

Barbie didn't have a fully sculpted penis, however. At least, not any of the ones from when I was growing up. Trust me, I checked. That may just be the key difference here. One parent, upon undressing their Waluigi plush (FOR UNDISCLOSED REASONS, MIGHT I ADD) was shocked to find that the plushie had a quite plentifully stuffed penis very firm with polyester fiber fluff.

Were you hoping to see an undressed Waluigi plush with his massive schlong hanging out? Hmmm?

Parents were outraged. "What's wrong with them?!" One parent took to Facebook,  writing a lengthy rant subsequntly followed by posting the same selfie to the platform three times. "Who in their right mind gives a plushie a fully intact, stuffed penis? It's detailed and everything, this isn't just some flap of loose material. Whoever approved this is sick! I have to explain to my husband now that this plush is completely unrealistic and of course they don't actually get that big, or thick, or veiny. He's traumatized!"

The one thing that doesn't make sense, however, is that Build-A-Bear plushies are stuffed and dressed by you. In the store. You do it yourself. How could she have not noticed the plushie's cock? You stuffed the penis, lady. I'm pretty sure that "moaning and cumming" Waluigi voice box you stuck in its chest wasn't just accidentally dropped inside by mistake.

Nintendo has not issued any official comment on this statement yet, but Build-A-Bear has now changed the release dates for the Donkey Kong and Bowser plushies on their site to "TBA".