It may be news to everyone, but there was an Overwatch 2 beta. I didn't know Overwatch 2 was coming out, honestly, but I guess that's something coming out. I think some people were excited about it, whoever is still playing Overwatch at least. I think the new game coming out might cause a surge of Overwatch porn, so that's something to look forward to at least.

But the Overwatch porn fans may just rethink what they're jacking off to after the beta, thanks to Blizzard completely ruining one of the fan favorite characters. Mercy, the iconic Overwatch healer and blonde mommy milf doctor with big milky to sucky sucky, has taken a massive nerf. Her penis is gone. Her massive, throbbing horse cock. Gone. Deleted. It's no more. It's unbelievable, really. That's like taking away Sonic's fast, or Crash Bandicoot's foreskin.

According to Overwatch's new man in charge, Aaron Keller, Mercy's giant dick was shoehorned in by Jeff Kaplan on the original. It was never even part of the lore. In fact, none of the characters were meant to have a penis of any sort. Yes, even Roadhog was meant to have a soft, pink, fluffy pussy. It seemed that Keller and Kaplan would regularly clash over these creative differences, but now with Kaplan out of the picture, we can expect there to be more bottoms in Overwatch 2.


"This is Overwatch? This doesn't look anything like the gameplay videos I was watching. This is like... a shooting game. You just run around and shoot things? What happened to the... you know, like I saw in the videos? On PornHub? This isn't what I wanted at all. Why don't the girls have penises? I can't play this garbage. I want to play whatever I was watching in that gameplay video compilation." One confused gamer responded on Twitter, baffled by these drastic and strange changes to the Overwatch formula everyone knows and loves from the videos we've watched on PornHub.

Leave it to Microsoft to completely ruin something after taking it over. Like how there's no Minecraft sex mods on the Xbox version of Minecraft. Or how they took away Cortana's feet in Halo and made her wear shoes that we can't even take off and smell. This is what happens when you allow these massive corporations to take over and pervade our sacred art with their lust for money and power.

Only when we gamers rise up and make our own Overwatch 2 and seize the means of insemination can we truly be free from the tyranny of these reptilian men in suits using our beloved big titty mommy milf with big milky and penis for profit.