Overwatch 2 is going to be a thing. Many fans were shocked, considering Overwatch the original is barely a thing anymore, not counting the massive online community that has been born from the insatiable need to animate 3D video game women getting gangbanged by werewolves or whatever.

There were some fears, what with Microsoft taking over, that the game may not be as diverse and inclusive as it used to be. But Activision Blizzard has a secret little trick up their sleeve, an official diversity tool that breaks down every diversity metric into easily digestible numbers for all of the old white dudes in suits to better understand all of the hip, progressive trends all the kids are on about these days.

And the latest addition, according to the almighty tool, is a white supremacist hero. Something the series has been lacking for a long time. We've had gay heroes, black heroes, robot heroes that are supposed to be like, Buddhist or something. But this is a first. He's also Latino.

He doesn't have to main D.Va anymore. :')

"The diversity algorithm doesn't lie. We have some many people of color, so much queer representation. We have a space monkey, for Pete's sake. Punch all the numbers into our diveristy tool, and it'll show you a glaring imbalance. There just isn't enough representation for straight white men from conservative, right-leaning backgrounds. And trust me, we're aware of how ridiculous this may sound. We also know just how controversial it may be. But diversity is diversity. Look, I'm not the boss here, I just run the algorithm. The men in suits run this company, we just follow orders." Blizzard's chief diversity engineer said in a public statement addressing this bold new move for diversity.

While many progressive and queer Overwatch fans were taken aback and voiced their disapproval, oddly enough this has sent waves through the Latino Overwatch community. Overwatch was trending in Mexico for the first time ever. It's as if Blizzard threw a dart at a target, and it somehow hit a slot machine and the slots landed on a jackpot. Who would've thought light-skinned Latino men with right-wing and extremist viewpoints were such an underrepresented group? I guess there's a whole community out there. The world is such a wild place, isn't it?

Blizzard has promised that the almighty diversity tool will provide even more surprises later in the future to make everyone happy. Because that's what gaming is all about in the end. Making people smile.