With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, many are still not sure what Nintendo’s plans are for their consoles. Will the Switch take over as their main platform? Is there still room for the 3DS? What will become of their aging handheld? How long before we get a Nintendo Switch XL?

Nintendo has tried to ease our fears with a few 3DS games here and there. But it looks as if more than Fire Emblem will be hitting the 3DS soon.

Popular weeaboo company Atlus, producers of those weird RPG games where you tentacle rape girls to break their minds, then train them up and battle them against other anime girls, have announced some new RPG’s in development for the 3DS. “New” is a very loose term, seeing as how they’re mostly ports.

A remaster of the late DS title Radiant Historia is in the works, and it’ll have twice as much anime as the original.

We got all these nice trailers here, but I dunno if I’d bother watching them. It’s like listening to the ladies at the nail salon. You don’t know what they’re saying, but you know they’re talking about how much of a bitch your mom is, so you just sit there and play your Game Boy and hope you get to go home soon to play some Lego Star Wars.

Radiant Historia was a severely under-appreciated RPG for the DS though, so a remake is fitting. Even if there is way more anime in it now.

But that’s not the only remake, oh no. There’s way more too. You know Persona? The high school anime game where you fight monsters? But the ones that aren’t Persona. The ones with the really long names. One of those is being remade for the 3DS too.

Whenever they remake a game, they need to add more words to the title. The longer it is, the better. And “Deep” is the word they’re going with this time, because the demon anime girls want you deep inside them. You get to like, enslave them and shit. It’s really erotic. If you’re a weeb you’ll love it.

It got great reviews when it originally released, so maybe it’ll be even better the second time around. Probably. We’ll see.

The remakes of Radiant Historia and Crimson Chin Mega Tent Sale Deep Strange Journey will both come with new characters, new endings, and all that shit. But we will be getting some brand new games too. Like, one. Maybe. If it counts.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 is the sequel to a game that I thought was pretty good but also kind of a bitch. The Etrian games are a popular RPG series where you form a party of cute little anime girls, you take them into a dungeon, and monsters literally rape them and make you watch. It’s really kinky shit.

The Mystery Dungeon aspect takes things a little too hardcore for me, I think, but some people love the extra bit of sadomasochistic cuckolding, and to them, this is fantastic news.

The Nintendo Switch wasn’t left out of the action either. While most of the new games were headed to the 3DS, the Switch is still getting that one RPG they announced way back. Another one of those Shamwow Meemaw’s Tit Snail games. The trailer was the same as the first, but with an added teaser image.

I'm onto you, Atlus

Atlus thinks they’re real slick with this one, but I already know what it means.

It’s one of those memes. With the guy sprinkling the salt? Either that or another one of those Italian memes. I know what this is, and I’m not happy with them. Atlus is behind on their memes.

From this image I can deduce that, instead of focusing on angels or demons from any one mythology or religious lore like usual, all of the new demons will be based around the demons inside us all. Old memes that people still find funny.

All of your guilty pleasure memes will come to life as monsters. Cute anime monsters that you can engage in BDSM with.

This is one of Atlus’ more experimental RPG games from the looks of it, so I’m looking forward to it.

There’s no news on any of this being localized yet, so don’t get your hopes up. It’ll probably stay in Japan, where it belongs.