Exciting news for JRPG enthusiasts and Nintendo Switch owners. Atlus, creators of everyone’s favorite hentai games, have just announced that they’re bringing something a little more wholesome to the platform. If you were hoping for that boob jiggling game, tough luck. That one is staying in Japan, you perverts.

We’re not just getting any wholesome game, no. We’re getting the most wholesome game there is. A game about love, peace, and forgiveness. You get to be Jesus Christ, the greatest superhero there is.

Lemme tell you a little about this guy, Jesus. He was a very swell dude. The most kind and gentle you ever did meet. He was radder than any rock concert or video game. Because what’s radder than being accepted into Jesus’ eternal love? Now that’s what I call radical, my chums.

Jesus Simulator 2018 will take place in present day Tokyo, where, for some reason, a lot of these Jesus sims seem to take place. I don’t really get it.

But everything else is perfectly accurate to the Bible’s representation. You are a young anime boy, and you must gather your harem of anime girls and demons to kill Lucifer and bring peace to the world. Just as Jesus did. That’s been the premise for just about every game in the Jesus Sim series to come out of Atlus so far. And it works. And do you know why? Because it’s a true one. Everything that happened in the Good Book is 100% factual and can be taken at face value.

Other details about the game are scarce as of right now, we did just get the trailer and confirmation that it’s coming after all. But this will surely be a must-play title for the console. Atlus has never failed us before with Jesus Simulator, I find it hard to believe they would now. Hopefully Atlus keeps up their streak of Jesus’ disciples having perfectly thick anime thighs.

There is no release date as of right now, and the game is expected to still be quite a ways off. Hopefully we get more news on it soon.