The Nintendo Switch, right out the gate, had quite a few heavy hitters. The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and even a major RPG like Xenoblade Chronicles. But for a party console, not enough great multiplayer games have hit. Honestly, Super Smash Bros and Mario Party should have been some of the first titles to hit the system.

They’re rectifying both of those matters now, however. Super Smash Bros was announced a while back, and we all knew it was coming at the very least. They didn’t confirm who would be, and who wouldn’t be making the cut until E3. But that wasn’t the only big party game surprise to come out of Nintendo. They’d been working on a new Mario Party all this time.

A new Mario Party game is in the works for Nintendo Switch, and this one looks to finally be what everyone has wanted all along. None of those stupid cars, none of that working together bullshit, we’re back to classic Mario Party Star-collecting anarchy. Players will be able to connect multiple Switch consoles, or play all on the same console in hectic, free-for-all board game madness. Just as Mario Party was always supposed to be.

Nintendo made the original changes in Mario Party 9 and then 10, strictly because they felt Mario Party was becoming too competitive. Mario Party was never meant to be an “eSport” like Street Fighter or League of Legends. And while the fans just kept finding new ways to exploit the Mario Party formula to make things more and more “hardcore”, Nintendo wanted to make things accessible again.

This returning to the roots of Mario Party is a concession on Nintendo’s part, but it doesn’t mean they’ve given up on making sure Mario Party is a game for everyone. No, they’ve just found a new way to keep the balance. One they feel will keep players on their toes.

Who's got the star now, bitch?

Super Mario Party will come with a fully loaded gun. Don’t worry, the safety will be on, so it’s still gonna be rated “E for Everyone”.

Once players have gotten considerably invested into a game of Mario Party, after a few Stars and Coins have been alloted, Bowser spaces around the board will start offering players “Chance Time”. This is where the game will really take advantage of all the Switch’s unique features. The new wireless “Loaded Gun” controller, with actual bullets inside, will then unlock once “Chance Time” has been activated.

Players will have several unique mini-games to play during Chance Time, including a game of “Bowser’s Russian Roulette”. The “Bowser” player will hold the gun, and the other three will have to sit on their knees with their heads down, execution style. You won’t know who you’re shooting though, as they’ll be wearing their masks. One Goomba, one Koopa, and one Cheep Cheep. If you’re not careful, you might just shoot someone with no stars, haha. But don’t worry, Chance Time will only be granted to whoever is in last place, so you’ll only ever be shooting someone richer than you. This is important for game balance.

Eat the rich

Players with more Stars and Coins will come under attack during Chance Time considerably more often, including the “Bowser’s Crazy Eat The Rich Party”, which will prompt all of the players that aren’t in the lead to hunt down and shoot whoever is in first place. Whoever can consume the most of their flesh will be awarded an equal share of the player’s loot as the other players. After all, it’s only fair that every player get a share.

During the last ten turns of any match, the gun will also unlock at random. Listening for that silent little click will be pivotal to being the first person to grab it and take out the competition. Careful you don’t underestimate whoever is in the lead, they can still grab the gun if you’re not paying attention.

Critics have applauded Nintendo for finally listening to fan feedback, and also finding an intuitive and fun way to incorporate more checks and balances into the Mario Party formula to make things fun for everyone. You never know who will win a game of Super Mario Party anymore. One bullet could change the game. Forever.

Super Mario Party is currently dated for October 5th, 2018. A 3DS version is not currently in the works. There is no word yet on if extra guns or bullets will be sold separately.