Recently resurrected studio THQ has been up to a lot of stuff lately. They’ve wasted no time since coming back to life, announcing Darksiders 3 earlier this year, and now something new.

THQ is world-renowned for crafting only the greatest of B-games. Not quite AAA material, but too big to be an indie game. The stuff you find in Steam sales for 5 bucks, or in GameStop discount bins. Yeah, THQ makes those. Like De Blob? Remember that one?

Well just you wait, you’re gonna love this. Picture this. Open-world, post-apocalyptic, kung-fu RPG. Yeah, that sounds exactly like a THQ, doesn’t it?

Their newest IP, Biomutant, looks to be the greatest THQ of all time. Guns, kung-fu, mutant animal robot things, and open-world. Everyone loves open-world. You can never have too many. Never.

I can see myself now, 5 years from now, walking into a GameStop. You know, if they’re still around. And I’d pick up Biomutant out of the $5 and under bin. I’d look at it and say “Wow, what the fuck is this”, and just buy it. And whether it’s ass or not, hey, it was only $5. Can’t go wrong with that, can you?

“Ambitious” is probably a word that fits with what THQ is doing here. Probably. I’d go with “these people are fucking crazy”. I mean, we definitely need to see some more gameplay out of this bitch before we can say for sure. Maybe we should all just play it safe and pay full price for Call of Duty again this year. You know, just to be safe.

Biomutant is currently slated to be in Steam’s $5 and under games by 2019, maybe 2020. Definitely not when the game actually comes out in 2018 though. It’ll probably still be around $20 by then.