There’s been a massive shitstorm surrounding Trump lately, like usual. It just never ends with him, honestly. The college football champions, the Clemson Tigers, were invited to the White House to celebrate their grand achievement, as is customary. However, thanks to the government shutdown, many things had to be scaled back for the momentous occasion.

While the epic feast was certainly pretty unepic, a great deal of scrutiny is being put on Trump for failing to even provide “competent entertainment”. While past presidents have often entertained celebrity guests in the White House, such as Obama inviting Beyonce to visit, Trump settled for something much more cost-effective. He bought several clunky, original model Xbox 360’s from GameStop, and several copies of Halo 3. Pre-owned, with his PowerUp Pro Rewards Card.

He renewed his card too

Reports say Trump renewed his card the day of the purchase in order to capitalize on the 10% discount, not even wanting to pay the full pre-owned price for the college athletes. Others say he renewed his card a few days prior, in order to use the buy 2 get 1 free coupon that he gets after renewing. Giving out hard-working students things he acquired for free.

But what’s getting the most flak is that Trump thought a Halo 3 LAN Party would be enough for our heroes. Couldn’t he even afford to buy Xbox Ones to play the latest Halo installment? Is Trump’s Xbox Live Gold part of the shutdown? Do we not have enough government funding to play online? And why would he be using the government’s money anyway? Our taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be going towards his free “Games with Gold”.

Critics all seem to agree, this was a bad move on Trump’s part. Disrespectful, dishonorable, and straight-up insulting. Yet another terrible move on Trump’s part, and I don’t think he’ll ever recover from this. He’ll be impeached after this one for sure.