Joe Biden has been the projected winner of the presidential election, and the media has completely snubbed Trump and his supporters despite how loudly they've voiced their discontent.

Some have called for recounts, for Supreme Court intervention, and even for military action. Others have organized protests, strikes, and petitions to get their point across. After acting so smug in the face of protestors and activists, it's ironic to see how they've taken to using a lot of similar tactics. But most interesting of all has been the GoFundMe that was organized to send Trump supporter money straight to Israel.

Trump was always an incredibly gracious ally of Israel. We've sent them billions in taxpayer dollars, and carpet bombed their enemies to dust. They are our greatest ally, after all. And now that Trump is gonna be out of the White House, there's a worry that we just won't be showing that same level of support.

"We just want to show our support for our troops out in the Middle East. There's no way on God's green Earth we're letting some communist like Joe Biden cut funding to America's greatest ally. How in the world is Israel supposed to stand up to those Palestinian terrorists without our taxpayer dollars? Those Biden Marxists are absolutely godless and would love nothing more than to see God's Chosen People wiped out by some barbaric heathens in car bombs." One supporter said, choking back tears.

Within the first couple days, the initial goal of $50k was met. Not anywhere near the $3.8 billion we have been sending, but it's slowly climbing up to the hundreds of thousands as Trump supporters show their impassioned support of Israel. "I remortgaged my house, and sold my car. Those libs can pry the glory of Israel from my cold, dead fingers, baby! U, S, A! U, S, A!" One Trump supporter screamed into his phone, from the inside of his truck.

$3.8 billion is a pretty big number to reach for a GoFundMe, but there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Joe Biden will, in fact, also be sending $3.8 billion of your taxpayer dollars to Israel. It's almost like it didn't make a difference either way. Isn't that just quacking crazy?