Fake news has been destroyed once again. I love black mold exposure. I love it so much. I love having black mold in my house. I love to have black mold in my house so much and I always feel so happy. I feel so happy whenever I breathe in my house and feel the black mold entering my lungs. I've never had any problems breathing in black mold and it actually makes me so happy to do it. Whenever I would hear about it being bad for you I would cry.

I would be shamed for breathing in black mold. I would be told it was bad for me and I would feel so sad. Can you imagine? Imagine going to church and feeling so at peace as the love of God enters your body, and then being told by so many people that it's wrong and bad for you. How can something so magical and holy be wrong? I've lived in secret for so long. But not any longer, as new studies confirm that I've been right all along. I've always been correct. And it feels so good. I love my black mold. I love to breathe in black mold and feel it in my lungs. It makes me so happy, and healthy too. I feel so healthy and brimming with natural energy. My body feels happy. I love black mold so much. It makes my body feel utterly euphoric, it really does. I'm telling the truth, 100%.

It's good for you. Studies have shown with 100% truthful accuracy that black mold exposure makes you happy. It increases happiness in a way that's unanimously quantifiable. Just one minute in a room full of black mold is enough to make you believe in God. I love my black mold room. I have an entire room dedicated to black mold, and I sit inside and breathe. I love my black mold room so much. It's actually totally fine and healthy and there's nothing at all wrong with it. I have black mold all over my house and it makes me happy all day.

Guaranteed 100% to make you feel happy and live longer, scientists all agree.

Scientists and health experts recommend that you spend at least one hour a day being exposed to black mold, but everyone agrees it's best to just let your house accumulate as much black mold as possible and just breathe it in all day and all night. Especially while you're sleeping. Breathing in black mold while you sleep will give you good dreams every night, and it'll even let you lucid dream. Your body will become so healthy from all of the black mold in your lungs that you'll begin to develop extraordinary abilities, like being able to do a back flip or breakdance. You could run a mile or deadlift three times your body weight. Black mold is actually supposed to be in your lungs. Our ancestors knew it was powerful and divine in nature. But we've strayed from the path of light. The only way to return to our roots is to breathe in more black mold. Mmm, I just love black mold so much. Just take a big whiff of it. You'll love it.

Humans and black mold are symbiotic in nature. The black mold grants us so much power and happiness and health. It gives us everything. Black mold is our everything, and it asks nothing in return. There are absolutely no downsides to breathing in black mold. There is no price to be paid for this power. It's free. It's free, and you should be free too. Just breathe in the black mold and feel your body be liberated. Liberate yourself from this oppressive world. You need more black mold in your body. You need more. You need to feel it in your lungs.

At last, the fake news myth that has oppressed our livelihood has been dispelled. We may return to our proper form and function, as children of God. As the divine seeds that we are. I love you. And I love black mold. Thank you, God bless.