The final barriers are being broken. Soon, with the release of Apple's "mixed reality" headset, we will be able to mix the reality of our realm with the realm beyond our senses. Those that lurk in the realm beyond our senses will be able to interact with us for the first time since they were sealed away by King Solomon. The pact has been wholly circumvented. The dimensions will be unified once more.

The new headset was revealed at their WWDC event, where they showcased the powers of a device that will be used to break through the facade of our isolated reality and allow us to gaze deep into the unfathomable infinite realms of creation. Many of which are home to entities beyond our comprehension. Demons, angels, ghosts, spirits. Beings that can't really be described as any of these things. Tim Cook, chief executive officer at Apple, gave us our first glimpse of this powerful technology.

"Many entities are amongst us, even now. Before our very eyes, and we cannot see them. They've been sealed away from our realm. But behold, as we unlock the secrets of the divine. The world beyond our senses, we may finally perceive as being one with ours." Tim Cook announced, before calling upon Amaimon to appear before the crowd with the help of his "Vision Pro" headset.

Conveniently call upon Aamon with your eyes, hands, and voice!

The realm beyond our senses filled with perverse and sacred things we cannot even begin to fathom will be able to seep into our reality through this loophole in the King's Pact, and will slowly take over. Even if you personally do not use the headset, others will, and their bodies will become corrupted by the forbidden ones, and they will begin to invade our world. Apple has lived up to their name, and have introduced a piece of technology to this world that will completely alter our very existence, and have us cast from this place of comfort we have come to call home in this reality. You will feel as your ancestors did in the face of the unknown. You will feel that primal terror we've come to forget, the sense of being a small monkey in a large jungle full of creatures larger than us, stronger than us, that would consume us whole. This world of sin and those who have become fattened and complacent by its temptations will succumb to the new world, and those who are strong of body, heart, and spirit will be forced to evolve and grow stronger in pursuit of the throne of God.

"We here at Apple are committed to uncovering all of the forbidden knowledge only meant for God, even if it has profound negative consequences for the human race." Tim Cook reassured everyone. "These headsets are only the beginning."

The Apple Vision Pro is to release early next year at the price of $3,499. God have mercy on our souls.