Nintendo’s always been a little awkward with their family-friendly image. Though they produce a number of games geared towards older audiences, Super Mario is still the face of the company, and they’re always a little reluctant to tarnish that reputation.

The issue has arisen now, though, that Nintendo has began to dabble in games that are mature in a much different kind of way. Games like Fire Emblem, with their anime aesthetic and characters designed with sex appeal in mind, have given Nintendo a rough time with adjusting to the western audiences. In Japan, things of that nature are no big deal at all. But Nintendo has always been careful to censor things for the Americas, despite the fans’ protests.

But fans are now drawing a line, and calling for a formal boycott now over Nintendo’s latest slip up. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been completely altered for “Western tastes”, and people are not happy.

The main female character’s outfit has already been drastically changed, as pictured below, to the point of being hardly recognizable as that character. You can see her original design on the left, and the “westernized” version on the right.


It doesn’t even fit into the sci-fi theme anymore, she looks like she belongs on an oatmeal box.

Cuts to the game’s content have also been made. The built-in tiddy slider, which augments the size and shape of a character’s breasts, has been replaced with an armpit hair slider. Which seems useless, considering you never get to see a character’s armpits anyway. Other changes are a little less subtle, like entire conversations and sections of the game being cut.

One said chapter involves the protagonist sticking his penis into his anthropomorphic sword partner and vigorously breeding her in order to unlock her true power to defeat a powerful new antagonist, which causes the armor plating on her sword tits to explode off and fire high-powered lasers from her nipples. That entire chapter is instead replaced with a fishing mini-game, and said antagonist appears later without any introduction, leaving players absolutely baffled.

Even some smaller touches, like the player character needing to smack his sword’s tits to make her into a sword, have been changed. Now, he gives her a high-five instead.

Smack them tiddies

Fans have already opened up petitions to get the original, full game. Pre-orders have been canceled en masse, and social media accounts have been bombarded with complaints.

There’s no telling how Nintendo will respond, if they even do. Knowing them, they may just ignore it and release the game the way it is anyway. Some have just resorted to having the game imported to get the full experience.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is set to release December 1st.