Donald Trump will never cum again. After four years, the tyrannical, Orwellian nightmare of Trump's America has finally come to a satisfying conclusion. Congress delivered the lifetime sentence to Trump following his third impeachment.

Trump is getting locked up in a maximum security cock cage on charges of conspiracy, treason, racism, homophobia, sexism, and bullying. Inciting the riots at the Capitol building were the last straw, after four years of protests, riots, looting, and violence. How fucking dare you try to bring the rioting to the doorstep of the ruling class? You could've hurt someone actually important, instead of civilians and small local business owners.

The cage, which will cram Trump's slender, feminine little cock into a hellish prison of titantium-reinforced metal, comes equipped with a state of the art lock that no one but his master President Joseph R. Biden can open.

In a shocking display of girl power, Nancy Pelosi rubbed her dirty, fragrant feet all over Trump's face while his throbbing erection pressed against the bars of his chastity cage. Right on the floor of the House of Representatives. Joe Biden laughed a hearty, boisterous laugh. "Listen here, Jack. I want you to clean those dirty little toes with that lying tongue of yours. Maybe if you're good for me, Daddy will let you have one little drone strike, okay kitten?"

All of Congress got to watch and laugh as Trump blushed, utterly humiliated, his throbbing cock yearning for release. The Supreme Court has also ruled that all of Trump's underage sex slaves and secret billionaire child sacrifice drugs will be divided up and shared among all of the other reptilian billionaires and politicians, and he can only sit and watch while they absolutely cuckold him.

This is a major victory for freedom and democracy in America. The evil is defeated, and now everyone can go back to work and put all this silly rioting stuff behind us. I would like to stress again, there is definitely no longer a need for domestic terrorism. Democracy has won, America.