This is a sad day. Not just for me. Not just for you, or even the gaming community as a whole.

This is a sad day for the universe. A void will be left, in the world and in our hearts, that will never be filled, possibly ever.

Nintendo has officially announced that Miiverse, the Nintendo exclusive social networking platform, will be coming to an end. All good things must come to an end. But the legends will never die.

Legend. Dairy.

You can request to save all of the memes you worked hard to create by following this link and requesting for Nintendo to back up all of your posts for you. But still.

An era is coming to an end. I don’t think anything will ever be quite as good, or pure, as Miiverse. The world will be a darker, crueler place without it.

the truth hurts

Some reports are stating that ISIS is taking responsibility for Miiverse ending, but there are no confirmations at this time.

President Trump has issued a state of emergency up until November 8th, which is the date Miiverse is scheduled to die. No one is required to go to work or school up until the end of the year, as a period of national mourning.

Some are even calling for Miiverse to be made a saint, a request that the pope is 100% behind. He is currently in Vatican City, meeting with Jesus and Iwata to discuss the arrangements.

It’s okay to cry. Don’t be ashamed. We can all cry together.