In an absolutely triumphant display of dominance, Joe Biden has made a symbolic gesture of the end of white supremacy in America by throwing out the White House Cum Sock, which Trump had very vigorously been using all throughout his presidency.

The White House Cum Sock was a tradition dating all the way back to James K.Polk, who was infamous for his crippling masturbation addiction. He would drill holes into the women's bathroom to listen and watch them piss. Crazy stuff. That particular sock was lost during the Mexican-American War, but the tradition lived on with every president to come after.

Obama would bust a fat one into his every time he ordered a drone strike, because the thought of brown kids being consumed in a fiery inferno of death got him rock fucking hard.

Pictured: Obama cumming

Trump's sock became a symbol of oppression for minorities, as he insisted he would only cum in white socks because he believed only white socks deserved to be cummed in. But after his seventh impeachment and Biden being sworn in, history was made. Instead of sending Trump's sock to the National Cum Sock Memorial (NCSM), Biden simply tossed the crusty sock into the trash.

Trump has been utterly speechless on Twitter, mostly because he's been permanently banned from the service, and all of the complete idiot rightoid Trumptards have been taking large doses of copium from this epic win for democracy.

White supremacy is finally dead, and we no longer need to be concerned about domestic terrorism from groups touched by the alt-right psyop propaganda, they will all simply go away on their own now that the head has been cut off in this symbolic act that has definitely not made Trump into a martyr of any kind.

God bless America.