There was an uncomfortable interruption at the recent Kendrick Lamar concert in Alabama last night as a fan was booed off stage and booted from the concert grounds.

Kendrick Lamar was inviting fans from the audience to come up on stage to perform with him. Everyone was having a pretty good time. However, things got weird when a homely Caucasian woman was brought up onto the stage.

The woman, reportedly, hit it off quite well with Kendrick. She began to perform for him, however their relationship quickly turned sour when she expressed untoward interest towards Kendrick’s “waifu”.

No lewds

The woman allegedly said Kendrick’s favorite Japanese cartoon girl was “thicc” and that she needed “lewds” of her.

Kendrick immediately stopped the performance and sternly lectured her that she was his “waifu” and that she was for “headpats and wholesome cuddles only”. The crowd attempted to boo the woman off the stage, but Kendrick insisted that they give her one more chance. The performance seemed to be back on, but the woman promptly googled “Rule 34” of the aforementioned cartoon girl with the “NTR” tag. Kendrick had her escorted from the premise, saying the “N word” was not allowed at his concerts.

While many online have agreed with Kendrick on this bold decision, there’s been a surprising amount of backlash. One Twitter user “tweeted” saying “Rule 34 is a literal law of the internet, if there is a character there will be lewds of them. What did you expect?”


Many seem to agree that Kendrick is at least partially responsible for the debacle, both for inviting the crude woman up on stage and for having a “waifu” in the first place. One person on Twitter said “Kendrick doesn’t own her, he can’t stop people from doing as they please with her. People have the freedom to do whatever they want, this is America!”

Others feel that Kendrick should be able to have his pure, wholesome cartoon wife without others intruding on the sanctity of their relationship. Another said “Just because everyone is lewding this girl doesn’t mean it’s right. Everyone watches pornography but that’s still a sin and you’re all going to Hell.”

Kendrick has stuck by his decision on the matter, despite how controversial it has been. The cartoon girl in question has yet to respond to the controversy, most likely because she is not real and does not exist.