Pokémon Let’s Go finally launched, stirring up Pokémon fever once more. People are playing Pokémon Go again for the connectivity features, and Nintendo has been at work teasing new Pokémon to stir up hype for the inevitable full Pokémon RPG launching next year.

While there’s been some excitement revolving around the new Pokémon Meltan, the odd metal nut-like creature first revealed in Pokémon Go, Nintendo has made sure to not let their experimental half-step Switch title go to waste. Pokémon Let’s Go may not be the first “full-fledged console Pokémon RPG experience”, but it’s packed quite a bit of mechanical improvements and world lore all into its unexpectedly smooth Red and Blue remaster.

Catching mechanics are entirely different, building a competitive team is a bit more straightforward, and for the first time ever, the player trainer has a dad. That’s right. Ash has a father, and they’re in the game.


The enigmatic NPC does not do much but sit in the front room of the player’s house. If spoken to, they don’t respond with any sort of text, but will vibrate violently and activate the console’s rumble features. But otherwise, they do nothing.

Data miners have tried digging into the code to figure out what purpose he serves and if he does anything, and have discovered that he can be battled. His team consists of six Mega Rayquazas, which oddly breaks the game’s own rules of only allowing one Mega per team, and they are sent out already in their Mega form. Other than that, the mysterious NPC only raises more questions than he answers. At the very least, Pokemon fans now have some sort of clue to go on in terms of the mysteries surrounding Ash’s father.

Only time will tell what this means for Let’s Go players. Could this be hinting at DLC expansions? Will other regions’ Pokemon be introduced, if not at the very least Hoenn’s? Or are there secrets still hidden within the game that players have yet to uncover? Nintendo has refused to comment on the matter.