With Judge Kennedy announcing that he would step down from the Supreme Court, a panic has swept over the nation. The Supreme Court is now in Donald Trump’s hands, and liberals have been awaiting who he would nominate with bated breath. This is Trump’s chance to veer the entire country’s politics towards the right, and will most definitely cause an impact that will be felt for years to come.

However, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is a choice no one was quite expecting. Three Goombas, stacked on top of each other.

An unexpected pick

Three Goombas stacked on top of each other, while an unforeseen candidate, still doesn’t deviate that far from what one would expect. They’re all older, well-off, right-leaning Catholics. Though they’d tell you they’re not right-leaning, otherwise they would topple over. But we all know that’s just their way of trying to cover up the fact of what they really are.

While criticism has been thrown around on Trump choosing yet another right-wing Supreme Court justice, the right has taken the opportunity to show they’re a party of more than just white men. Indeed, that’s not one, but three minorities that’ve been elected to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump. Other critics have called into consideration that there are three of them, which is an unprecedented move in the history of the United States Supreme Court.

“I don’t care if they all count as one vote, there’s still three of them. That’s not how the Supreme Court works, and this just opens up the door to more of these kinds of loopholes being found to give these corporations a louder voice in our legal system.” Senator Bernie Sanders claimed, citing that this is against the Constitution.

Okay now this is epic

“A+ trolling by Trump, yet again.” Ben Shapiro chimed in, claiming there’s nowhere in the Constitution that specifically says it’s illegal, and that this is a cultural thing for Goombas that Americans will just have to respect. Because “if Muslims can wear their scarves and build mosques on American land, Goombas should be allowed to live in stacks as they please”.

Regardless, America’s fate lies in the hands of the Senate now. All we can do now is hope and pray that they have our best interests at heart.

We’re completely fucked.