A rather promising Undertale speed run was ruined last night when news broke of a mining incident that killed eight child laborors and left at least a dozen more injured. The streamer could barely bring themselves to finish the run after learning of this, outraged and annoyed that a record-breaking run could be ruined so easily by something as inconvenient as children dying in a freak accident.

"How did you even trace my computer parts to the cobalt that was in the batch that shipped out from this particular mine where the children died? Who even reported their deaths? This kind of shit happens all the time and people aren't chomping at the bit to report on every child that dies being trafficked for labor or sex in some shithole like the Democratic Republic of the Congo." The streamer lashed out, almost deciding to end the stream before enough donations poured in to encourage them to finish playing the game, as they were nearly at the end anyway.

It's easy to understand why they would be so frustrated. This was history in the making, no one had ever managed to shave as much time off of a pacifist speed run before without some kind of hacks. This would have shaken up the Undertale speed run community in a big way. But because of some dumb kids overseas who we didn't even know, it's suddenly not a real pacifist speed run because someone died. Yeah, okay. Fuck you. Fuck you fuck you dumb Congolese kids why don't you read the OSHA manual or something before you go fucking up our speed run? Or do you guys not even know how to read? God, no wonder you're working in a mine instead of streaming Undertale. Bunch of fucking idiots.

Pictured: Two of the children killed in the incident, names and ages unknown

The streamer vowed to never play Undertale again during their on-stream meltdown, but they've already considered going back on their word if they get enough donations to purchase a brand new gaming setup that they would ensure had zero child deaths attached to it. Many of their followers have already taken to Twitter to protest, asking that the UN consider Congolese children that die during mining incidents to not be reported on as human deaths, as they're more like animals or maybe machines used for labor and don't really count as people. The UN has since responded with "We're not smuggling cobalt or trafficking people and all of these false claims are 100% false and fake news" and Google has since updated their fact checkers to report any instances of the United Nations being guilty of war crimes, human trafficking, or smuggling to be false.

The above mentioned streamer has since returned to their regularly scheduled streams, though sadly devoid of Undertale at the moment, citing their mental health as a primary reason for the temporary boycott. Which is entirely understandable, they shouldn't have to do anything they don't want to, and going back to play Undertale on such short notice after such a traumatic event could easily trigger their PTSD. They will continue to use the gaming setup with the blood of dead children on it, for the time being, until their viewers manage to pool together enough money to replace it.

Let us pray that the Undertale pacifist speed run record is broken soon. The community is hanging on by a thread at this point, we kind of need this right now.