The UN has called for an international beach episode in response to the nonstop slew of war, strife, famine, and plague. The world needs some ass and titties now more than ever, every nation around the globe has unanimously agreed.

Come on, I know the working class is in the middle of trying to revolt against the establishment. But don't we all deserve a break? Heroes and villains, dropping all of the important plot lines for just one episode to take a break and wear some skimpy swimsuits? We can play volleyball and drink from watermelons or something. Whatever it is they do. Slap some titties around, like all girls do when they're alone with all of their other female friends.

Look, I'm just saying. We've had it rough. We deserve it, just for one day. Don't you wanna see Tulsi Gabbard in a bikini? I know I do. God, she's just so hot.

God I just want to see Tulsi's sweet mocha body glistening in the sun. I want to peel her bikini top off and lap at her sweet coconut cream as it drips from her lactating breasts. I don't care that she endorsed Biden, I forgive her. Please, God. Just one suckle. Please.

The UN has vowed to continue pursuing all active plot lines with the next episode, and will not use the one-off filler episode to slowly pull the series deeper and deeper into shallow fan-service to mask the narrative falling apart. They still know what they're doing, this story arc is going somewhere. They promise.

The beach episode will be the bridge between the COVID-19 arc, which is currently ending, and the Chinese take-over of the crumbling American economy and government post-civil war arc which has had hints dropped over the past couple arcs. And don't forget the ongoing Israel story arc that's been going on over the course of the entire series. Will they succeed in genociding all of the Palestinians? Who will re-colonize Africa first?

We'll find out, just as soon as we check some titties out and relax for a little bit. 2020 has been a crazy ride, and we need a break.