Rioting nationwide has raged out of control, President Donald Trump has gone into hiding within a bunker, and the nation must now insert the second disc into the PlayStation console and press Start to continue.

D.C. itself is in ruins, and flames rage across the capital. The police are being overpowered, there's chaos and anarchy in the streets. It looks like something out of a movie, almost. This may just be one of the major turning points in United States history. Please insert the second disc into the PlayStation console and press Start.

2020 has been a wild ride since the very first day, and we've only made it through the first disc. Please eject Disc 1 from the PlayStation console, find Disc 2 from inside the 4-disc case, and insert it into the disc reader on your PlayStation console. Once you've done this, press the Start button on your DualShock controller to continue the game.

Make sure it's the second disc, it should have a really badass picture of Chinese, Israeli, Saudi, and Russian military looking people. Jeff Bezos is in there for some reason. Don't go peeking ahead on those other discs, the one that seems to imply a new race to colonize Africa between the major world powers or the new ebola crisis. The secret connection between Epstein and Bill Gates is there too, but that's not fully expanded upon until Disc 4 when we get the flashbacks.

Just make sure you insert Disc 2, and then press Start on your Dualshock controller. Once you've done that, you can continue where you left off and see what becomes of Washington D.C., President Trump, and the aliens.