Warner Brothers has officially decided no more guns for the iconic hunter Elmer Fudd. Instead, the bumbling Bugs Bunny villain will be given estrogen supplements in his quest to capture his eternal rival.

"We're not doing guns. No more guns. When you look at the sociopolitical climate we're in, we don't need anymore guns in the media. It was never even about guns. Elmer and Bugs had something special, it was about their intense, deep-seated lust for one another. The gun was just the foreplay." said executive producer Peter Browngardt.

"Why did you think there were so many themes of cross-dressing and seduction? Elmer just wanted Bugs to top him."

In the new show, Elmer Fudd will begin as a gruff, masculine hunter as he always has been. And over the course of the series, which will have continuity and a long-term storyline, Elmer will begin to question his masculinity and grapple with his addiction to blacked femboy porn. Bugs Bunny is black, by the way. He was in Space Jam, you should know this. He's kind of like Piccolo. He just has innate melanin, you just know he's black.

As the series progresses, various "zany antics" that are very obviously just foreplay for the duo will heat up the action. Elmer will find himself tricked into wearing women's underwear and get publicly humiliated for it, which will give him intense euphoria. In an attempt to capture Bugs, he'll set up a cock cage trap, and of course it'll backfire on the bumbling hunter and he'll find himself strapped in for tiny sissy femboy cock humiliation. Elmer will join Bugs' Discord server, and get preyed on by the server admins and forced to be the server femboy. And so on, until the finale, which is a two hour special of non-stop fucking.

The new Looney Tunes reboot will be airing on HBO Max.