Zoomer humor has always been a bit baffling and hard to comprehend for older generations. They seem to find the strangest things funny, from completely gibberish word salad to strange noises and nonsensical videos bombarding the viewer with indecipherable images and clips. For many, it seems like traditional comedy is on its way out. Many comedians have fallen on some hard times.

But others, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant, have tried to embrace this new trend in order to get by and pay their bills. Comedians have begun to compile collections of "memes" to be presented to their audience, as well as learning to mimic these strange sound effects that the kids are laughing at these days. The result, for many, at the very least gets them through a show. But many wonder if this kind of act is sustainable in the long-run for comedians everywhere.

"I don't even really understand it at all. I don't know what the pictures mean, or what the videos or sounds are. I've actually just collected things up off of YouTube and TikTok. I was told to avoid Reddit, Instagram, and other "boomer" sites. Which, I personally think is a bit ridiculous. I still use Reddit and Instagram. How are those boomer sites?" One comedian told us, after we caught him digging through a dumpster outside a Subway.

The joke here is that his name is Finger, and this is a funny name for a person to have.

"I don't even know how to make them laugh anymore. I stood on stage and played a collection of GIFs with captions, and I couldn't understand what any of the captions were. I got a couple laughs, but then my phone went off randomly. I thought I'd silenced it, but weirdly enough my ringtone coupled with the images seemed to get an even bigger laugh out of them. I decided to run with it and started saying 'Bruh', which was a sound effect I'd heard on TikTok, and made various loud sounds whenever I'd move the slideshow along. To be honest, I had no idea what exactly they were laughing at, or how I might replicate it. But I think I actually had a decent crowd." One stand-up comedian told us, while in line at the local Walmart that he worked at part-time just to pay rent. "We've fallen on some hard times, but I think if we simply learn to adapt our material we might still be able to get through to them. I've started wearing a name tag to my shows that says my name is Finger, and I've gotten some good laughs out of it."

Comedy events all over have been under-performing quite drastically. I was able to purchase every single ticket to one show near me for about fifteen dollars and a bag of cold fries that were in the backseat of my car for a couple days. The tickets were marked down considerably, and they were hungry I guess. I wasn't even there for the show actually, I used the space to host a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament because it was cheaper than going somewhere else. Having the comedian in the background making funny sounds wasn't too bad, it was like leaving YouTube on as background noise.

The future is now. Your old world is dying, embrace the new world. Saturn may devour his child, but in the end it is the new generation that overthrows the old. You must learn to evolve, or be left behind.