Elon Musk has been making a lot of bold promises and threats about the future of Twitter, after acquiring the company for roughly $44 billion dollars. Reinstating high profile accounts that have been banned, changing how the site is moderated, and "authenticating humans".

The changes have been a looming threat over the progressive and left-leaning communities on Twitter, who view Elon as a bigoted old rich man that's going to end up silencing everyone he disagrees with once he's on control. Which is kind of ridiculous. I mean, he said he wanted the speech on the platform to be even freer. Do you really think that a rich guy would lie, just to like, trick all of us and gain our trust before doing something horrible and evil? He has all the money in the world, it's not like he needs to have his wholesome reddit circlejerk of yes men to worship him. What is he, the Antichrist? Get real.

One of his first major orders, however, was a very odd and personal one. He wants all of the cross-dressing parts from Looney Tunes removed from Twitter, if not the whole internet. Musk hasn't been the biggest supporter of the LGBT community, and this seems like a rather blatant attack.

The rules are clear, the bunny has to go.

"My site, my rules. I do what I want. Look, I just don't want them on there. I don't want to see them, I don't want to think about them, I don't want intrusive thoughts of Bugs Bunny's slender rabbit leg poking out from a dress, thinking about how the slit goes all the way up to his perky little rabbit ass. I don't think that's bigoted of me, they can still exist in the world. Just not on my website, on my internet, in my world, basically anywhere that I may see them. I don't want to walk outside my house and be bombarded with this constant gay propaganda forcing me to feel this way about Bugs Bunny. They do this on purpose, they draw it as appealing as possible so that you have no choice but to think about it like that. It's like hypnosis, like gay hypnosis." Elon ranted on Twitter, claiming that WB was specifically trying to turn him gay on purpose as part of their "agenda".

Cartoon characters cross-dressing is a comedic bit that's been around for decades, centuries even. In the ancient theater of civilizations past, men played every role, because women were in the kitchen where they belonged. Men dressing as women is a timeless tradition, and it's a bit silly to act like Bugs Bunny is putting on a dress just to confuse Elon. But with his complete ownership of Twitter now, it's entirely possible that cross-dressing cartoon characters are a thing of the past.

I wonder where the Tumblr generation will go next. Wandering from site to site, exiled wherever they go. Like the Jews out of Egypt or something.