Controversial rapper Kanye West surprised the nation when he announced he'd be running for president in 2020. No one was sure whether to take him seriously or not, but he means business, and has been meeting with White House officials to discuss his running in the election.

In his last White House briefing, however, he had a little bit of an accident. He pooped, in his pants. He didn't make it to the toilet, like he was supposed to. He was very unhappy about it too.

"Uh oh! Poopy!" Kanye announced with a frown, about five minutes after stopping abruptly midway through a sentence. "Poopy! I made a poopy! Stinky! Ew!" He was on the verge of tears. Everyone laughed. Trump immediately took to Twitter to mock the poopy boy.

Joe Biden clapped back with an epic Tweet, criticizing Trump for his racist tweets. "Listen here, jack. Poor people can do their poopy in a big boy potty just like white people, just because they aren't as smart or sanitary doesn't mean you get to be racist towards them. Why, I was vice president to Kanye for 8 years, and I saw him and Michelle do their poopy in the toilet plenty of times. I even joined in once or twice, they didn't even mind."

Kanye refused to issue any follow up comments, instead frowning and crossing his arms defensively whenever asked if he was in fact a poopy boy that did a big poopy in his pants.

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