Nintendo has had a history of censoring content as it's localized to the states, from spicy Fire Emblem dialogue to making girls put on a shirt or pants to cover up their skin. Every time they do it, there's an outcry from the real fans. The fans that aren't just gamers, but appreciators of fine art. But once again, Nintendo has decided to impede the real, authentic creative process to this fine art.

During the last Nintendo Direct, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was officially announced, and will be tying together the stories of Xenoblade 1 and 2. Both of which were also heavily censored by Nintendo. Xenoblade 2's female characters all received massive changes to their wardrobe, covering up every inch of thigh, butt cheek, and breast that dared to be even remotely visible. And don't even get me started on Xenoblade 1's whole Shulk buldge fiasco.

But now with Xenoblade 3, they're taking out an entire, massive chunk of not just gameplay and character design, but story too. They've completely altered the designs of several characters to make them less "sexualized", because having a fucking body is sexualizing, am I right? Like having hugh milky lactating tits that wobble and leak milk every time they bounce is "sexual"? Please, Nintendo.

Pictured: The original, unaltered designs of the female characters before Nintendo CENSORED them

But worst of all is the total removal of the extremely important scenes in the game where characters would insert objects into their anal cavities, in order to stretch and gape their holes wider. This actually has a very important role in the story and is not some kind of "crude fanservice". You see, by gaping their assholes, they're able to draw in more energy from the Bionis in order to wield more powerful magic. Can you imagine how much energy you could draw into your anus if you can fit a whole pineapple inside? That's a lot of Bionis energy. And when the characters engage in anal penetration (NOT sexual, it's literally part of their culture in-game) you're basically absorbing the Bionis power they've absorbed into their tight little assholes straight up through your sacral chakra. It's literally so deep and symbolic and all Nintendo of America (a bunch of pervs) see is anime girls getting fucked in the ass. (CRINGE)

Nintendo has basically cut two thirds of the game from the final product, once again. I bet no one even knew that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had an entire story arc that involved finding the sacred plug-like devices needed to unlock Pyra and Mythra's full power, and the ancient evil that had been sealed inside that would be released once inserted into Mythra's asshole. How much are they gonna cut from Xenoblade 3?

I will simply not be buying this game unless they release the full version without anything cut. It's not sexual Nintendo it's literally just part of the art oh my GOD you don't even get it you all must be some kind of porn-addicted perverts if you think sticking a grapefruit inside someone's ass and having them push it out slowly is sexual in some kind of way. You guys are fucking weird.