The latest streaming craze to sweep the internet, Vtubers have taken the world by storm. Things you'd normally watch some random dude in his mid-20's or 30's doing, but now with cute anime girls. We're living in the future now. Living the dream.

But this new industry hasn't been without controversy. Vtubers secretly being in relationships even though I donated so much of my money to them and they were supposed to be mine forever. Was that so hard? Remaining pure for me? You couldn't have saved me one crumb of your virginity? I bet they're fucking right now. I bet they're hardcore fucking, wet and sloppy. God, I'm so mad. I literally gave her my entire paycheck. I had to walk into Wendys and pretend like they didn't give me the croutons to a salad I never ordered. They called the cops on me, but I got my croutons. One way or another. And they lasted me until my next paycheck. Which I donated half of to her. What a whore, using me like that and then trying to hide her secret love affair. Cucking me so shamelessly, like she thought I wouldn't care. Like I would just watch them fuck and jerk off to it like some kind of degenerate cuckold.

Alas. The latest controversy that has everyone riled up, these shameless harlots are lying about their ages now too. Here I was, thinking I was watching some cute little anime girl playing games and being silly. What a fool I was. What a God damned fool.

Come join us, Anon! You belong in here with us!

All this time I thought I was watching some cute little virtual anime girl, so innocent and sweet, not an ounce of her purity desecrated yet, her nubile body bouncing around the screen, giggling like a gleeful little school girl. Like a banana with a bit of green around the edges, just about ripe and sweet. But no, it's some old hag, probably in her 20's. I can't believe I was lied to. Is it so wrong? Is it so wrong to want a sweet little girl to love and care for? You act like I'm some kind of pervert.

You're the minority here. Let me tell you something, Mr. and Mrs. Progressive I'm So Socially Conscientious. We Vtuber fans are an army, and we won't stand for this. All of my brothers stand with me. You think you're being so "woke" and "progressive" by depriving us of our pure, sweet, angelic little girls. But who will have the last laugh, when your "real", "3D" women wither and die, but our perfect little girls are still as cute and youthful, untouched by age or any man, their virginity perfectly intact just for us? If anything, they're more alive than you. You're only alive until you die, but they'll live forever.

You people are mentally ill.